Do more. Create more. Responsibly.

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Do more. Create more. Responsibly.

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Paper made from recycled stone

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Simple. Functional. Beautiful.

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No Trees. No Guilt.

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Waterproof. Tear resistant.

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Waterproof paper

Karst Stone Paper is waterproof and will not absorb oil either. No more nasty coffee stains on your notes.

World's smoothest paper

We don't use trees, which means there is no grain direction, allowing the smoothest writing experience ever.

World's brightest paper

We think our paper is the whitest paper out there. Naturally white, made with no bleaches and no acids.

Feel Inspired

Each notebook is a starting place to tackle new challenges and obstacles, providing a blank page to do more and create more.

Tear resistant

Karst Stone Paper stretches before it tears. The lack of grain direction lets scissors glide like butter.

100% Recyclable

Our pages as well as the cover are 100% recyclable, in case you ever need to throw away your notebooks. (We hope you collect them.)

Buy a book. We'll plant a tree.

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Each metric tonne of Karst Stone Paper saves: